Even though the web world is overloaded with various online videos, most websites have many limitations and restrictions in downloading content. So, free online downloaders are the only way to save them for your limitation and internet dependency free offline watch. 

As the internet is stuffed with multiple online audio-video downloading tools, software, programs, and websites, 9Xbuddy has made its marks as one of the smartest video-downloading tools. Let's get a brief highlight about the 9Xbuddy video downloader with the top 5 9Xbuddy alternatives.

Part 1. What is 9Xbuddy?

9xbuddy downloader is a smartly designed free online downloader that allows you to save audio or video content from several websites for your offline watch. It offers the most straightforward interface to download videos within a few clicks. You can download your preferred video on your desired device with a simple three-step copy-and-paste option. 

Alternatively, you can also use the dedicated search bar to navigate your favorite video instead of pasting the video link. It doesn't need any sign-up, software installation hassle, or professional downloading skill to get you a high-quality 9Xbuddy video download according to your specifications and customizations.

What are the Functions of 9Xbuddy?

The trendy 9Xbuddy downloader has gained popularity due to its simple and user-friendly functions. Using this program, anyone can download anything from the web world.

 Fascinating Functions 
  • It supports multiple websites, including social media, YouTube, Dailymotion, NSFW websites, etc.
  • There is no doubt whether 9Xbuddy safe or not, as it's a 100% secured platform.
  • 9Xbuddy video download is available on all devices & Os.
  • Access the program using any web browser.
  • Various video quality available from 144p to 1080p. 

What are the Pros & Cons of the 9Xbuddy Downloader?

To get a quick overview of the 9xbuddy video downloader, let's give a glance at the pros & cons of this program.

  • Free, fast & safe audio-video downloader.
  • All devices, formats, and browser support.
  • No sign-up required.
  • Multiple website support .
  • Can't get ads-free & encryption-free download.
  • Can't remove watermark.
  • Unable to download videos from streaming service.

Part 2. Top 5 9Xbuddy Alternatives

You want to save trending YouTube videos, Facebook Shorts, OTT series, latest released movies, or something else for repeat and relaxed offline streaming. So, if 9Xbuddy disappoints, try the other 5 9Xbuddy alternatives with their pros, cons, and potentials.

1. StreamFab Video Downloader 

StreamFab Video downloader offers unlimited customization under one roof with high-quality permanent downloads, if you want to bypass the limitations and challenges of the 9Xbuddy tool, . While enjoying ads, encryption, and regional restriction-free downloads, you can select quality, subtitles, and many other aspects of your downloads.

9Xbuddy Alternatives

  • Get ad-free downloads from any country for an unlimited period.
  • Unlimited downloads with 1080p resolution & EAC3 5.1 or AAC 2.0 audio track.
  • Downloading option with H.264 or H.265 codecs to save your device storage space.
  • MP4/MKV/MP3 saving for flexible access to downloads on any device.
  • Get downloads with your best-suited subtitles & metadata.
  • Scheduled newly released videos will be automatically downloaded.

Step By Step Guide:

Step 1: Once you open the StreamFab program on your Windows/ Mac machine, move to the website from which you want to download your desired video and locate the video. Or you can directly copy the video URL, paste it to the address bar of the StreamFab software, and select the enter option.

download streaming video with streamfab

Step 2: Using built-in browsing options, the tool will navigate the link automatically. Next, you should select audio-video quality, format, subtitles, etc., from the opened pop-up window to personalize the output profile.

download video with streamfab video downloader

Step 3: Once you have finished output profile customization, go for "Download Now" to complete the video downloading process.

2. Keepvid

To talk about sites like 9Xbuddy, KeepVid is a promising online video downloader with multiple features and options. Using this free and fast 9Xbuddy alternative, you can save your desired content from over 100 websites.

9Xbuddy Alternatives

  • All device, OS & web browser compatible tool.
  • Multiple HD quality support including 480p, 720p & 1080p.
  • Mp3 & Mp4 format support for all device accessibility.
  • Audio extraction from video.
  • Batch & auto-downloading are not possible.
  • Ads-free downloading does not support.

3. TubeNinja

TubeNinja is one of the similar sites like 9Xbuddy with more or less similar facilities. With a simple copy-and-paste downloading option, you can save the video instantly from your preferred website. It also supports bookmarket function for quick and smart downloading.

9Xbuddy Alternatives

  • Registration & installation hassle-free online tool.
  • Access it on any device or platform like a smartphone, laptop etc.
  • It supports more than 500 websites.
  • Live streaming saving option.
  • No audio-video customization option.
  • No encryption & watermark free video saving option.

4. Catch. Tube

If your 9Xbuddy doesn't work, Catch. tube is a great alternative with a simple and user-friendly interface. This 9Xbuddy alternative lets you install a browser extension to save video directly from its source while enjoying it online.

9Xbuddy Alternatives

  • Get free downloads from any social media or other websites.
  • You don't need to install or register for the program.
  • It supports all web browsers, devices & OS.
  • Three-step downloading with copy & paste.
  • Content customization is not available.
  • No format or quality selection option.

5. BitDownloader

BitDownloader is an effective 9Xbuddy alternative with simple video downloading features and functions. If you want to explore a hassle-free video downloading tool anytime, anywhere, this free online tool is perfect with potential options.

9Xbuddy Alternatives

  • Straight forward interface.
  • Free tool without sign-up compulsion.
  • It supports most of the social media & NSFW website.
  • It offers video quality 720p & other resolution.
  • Unable to download encrypted & private videos.
  • Ads-free & batch downloading are not possible.

Part 3. Comparison: How to Select The Perfect 9Xbuddy Alternatives

To select the most appropriate downloader, let's compare the features and functions of these top 5 9Xbuddy alternatives.

Downloaders Supported Websites Format Support Video Quality Ads-free download Encryption-free Auto/Batch download


1000+ websites & 40+ streaming service Mp4, Mp3, MKV

video: 480p to 8K & audio: EAC3 5.1/AAC 2.0

Yes Yes Yes


100 + websites Mp3, Mp4 480p, 720p & 1080p No No No


500 + websites Not available Not available No No No

Catch. tube

Mostly social media & very limited websites support Not available Not available No No No


Mostly social media & NSFW websites Not available 720p & others No No No


Is it safe to use a video downloader?

As long as you download authentic and copyright-free videos for your personal use with the owner's consent, it is safe to use a video downloader.

What are the limitations of online video downloaders?

  • Malware & virus infection risk
  • Unlimited & ads-free downloading is not possible
  • Lack of customization 
  • Very limited website support

What are the major functions you must have in video downloaders?

  • Unlimited & permanent downloads
  • Ads-free & encryption-free downloads
  • Private video downloading option
  • Batch processing with auto-saving option
  • Audio-video quality selection option
  • All-device compatible format support


If you run out of time to catch your favorite movies, shows, or programs, offline streaming with a 9xbuddy downloader is the smartest option. However, if this tool doesn't work properly or you want to explore maximum flexibility and customization in your offline watch, you should try the phenomenal functions of StreamFab video downloader.