MyFans is a video and photo hosting, posting, and viewing platform offering subscription-based services. This website is mostly known for its porn content, sex models, Instagram influencers, etc. Here, any content creator can create a Fan club where the creator will post videos and photos, and the fans will see the post by paying the subscription charges.

The content creator has a profile on this website, which shows the creator's followers, posts, profile handle name, photos, etc. Although you can enjoy the MyFans sexy library online streaming, MyFans doesn't offer the MyFans download option.

myfans video download

Therefore, to save your desired MyFans content, you must depend on the MyFans video downloader. This way, you can avoid pop-ups, ads, malware attacks, hacker intervention, or the risk of someone sneaking into your browsing history.

How to Download MyFans Videos Without Encryption & Restrictions

Since MyFans doesn't support MyFans video download, most of their videos are copy-protected to prevent downloading and misuse. In that case, StreamFab MyFans is a savior to offer the encryption-free and ads-free unlimited MayFans download for your permanent device independent offline watch.

Tool Required: StreamFab MyFans Downloader

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Download videos from MyFans in up to lossless original 1080P resolution and save them on your device in MP4/MKV format. Batch mode download is also supported. 

Key Features
  • Download MyFans video without ads, encryption & regional restrictions
  • Get audio-visual satisfaction up to original lossless 1080P resolution
  • Share MayFans video download to multiple devices with MP4, Mp3 & MKV format support
  • Auto-download upcoming videos of your favorite MyFans models or profile
  • With 10X GPU acceleration, you can download MyFans videos in batches
  • Use the built-in browsing option to locate the video inside the StreamFab
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While offering MyFans video download, StreamFab also supports 1000+ websites, including social media, YouTube, and OTT platforms. 

Easy Steps to Download MyFans Videos

First, open the StreamFab program on your Windows & Mac. Select 'Adult Service', and choose 'MyFans'.

myfans video downloader 

Explore the MyFans video via the StreamFab in-built browser, when you play the video, a pop-up will appear on the screen to customize the resolution and format, etc. 

myfans video downloader 

Once you have completed your customizations and specifications, select the “Download” option to complete the MyFans downloading process.

myfans video downloader 


1. Is it Safe to Download MyFans Videos?

While streaming MyFans videos online, you may have encountered specific challenges such as annoying ads, disturbing pop-ups, unwanted website link promotion, etc. In that case, downloading MyFans videos with a trusted and reputed MyFans video downloader like StreamFab MyFans Downloader is absolutely safe. It lets you enjoy unlimited ads and encryption-free MyFans downloads for your forever naughty entertainment in offline watch on any device.

2. Can I Download the MyFans Video on My Phone?

Unfortunately, there is no direct option to download MyFans videos on your phone. However, you can use StreamFab MyFans Downloader to download MyFans videos on your Windows or Mac computer and then share them to your smartphone, tablet, TV, or other devices.


If your one-time visit to the MyFans website is not enough for your erotic pleasure, it's time to download the MyFans video on your computer for your lifelong offline entertainment. So, your one-time investment in the StreamFab MyFans Downloader will allow you to explore MyFans and other 1000+ streaming sites' videos in your offline world without any limitations.