There was a time when cinema halls were the only mode of watching new movies. In the modern digital era, entertainment has undergone a massive change. Nowadays, you can easily find the latest releases for free over the internet at premium quality.

While some portals charge a premium rate, others offer these services for free. For example, if you search for free hd movies direct download websites, you have come to the right place. Let’s now talk about the best websites for hd movies free download, which can keep your entertainment wheel rolling:

Top 10 websites to download HD movies free in 2023

1. MovieParadise

You can carry out free hd movie download from MovieParadise, which has an archive of 100000+ HD titles. New ones are added constantly to its library. This site is free of pop-up ads, which is quite a rare sighting for a free website. After playing the movie, users can choose amongst different download options containing varied parameters for the film. 

2. MyDownloadTube


If you are looking for a website offering hundreds of best hd movies free downloads belonging to different genres, then you can opt for MyDownloadTube. The USP of this site is that it hosts an array of both Hollywood and Bollywood flicks of the previous and current years. You can download these films in different resolutions ranging from 480p to 1080p Full HD. Apart from downloading, users can also gather important details about the movie, like its storyline, review, and more. 

3. Vidmate

Vidmate download HD movies free

Users can download their favorite movies in different resolutions like 480p, 720p, and 1080p HD at Vidmate. The user-friendly website offers movies in various mobile-compatible formats like MPEG, MP4, 3GP, MOV, and more. Apart from international titles, there is also a rich library of regional movies on this website which operates with an excellent download speed. 

4. FZ Movies

You can enjoy a vast collection of movies on your tablet or mobile at FZ Movies. While some titles are only available for online streaming, others can be downloaded for offline viewing. This website features an attractive design that even novice users can use. For example, you can watch Bollywood, Hollywood, Tv shows, regional movies, and more on this website without paying a single dime. 

5. DivX Crawler

Choose from a plethora of movies to download for free at Divx Crawler. It supports formats like MPEG, MP4, 3GP, MOV, etc., for downloading titles. There is also a compressed format you can opt for to easily download big movie files and store them on your mobile. This website has Bollywood and Hollywood's movies ranging from classic hits to recent releases. 

6. HDMp4Mania

Movie buffs searching for a collection of movies from across the globe can find their pick in HDMp4Mania. You can browse through European, Chinese, Korean, and other regional films on this easy-to-use website. An intuitive interface makes navigating and downloading movies a swift experience.

7. MP4Mania

This is one of the most reliable and old websites allowing users to watch and carry out hd movies for free download. Refrain from letting its outdated interface fool you, as it contains one of the most extensive movie databases with Bollywood, Hollywood, WWE fights, TV shows, matches, and more. Users can choose to watch movies in varying resolutions on this website.

8. 1337x


1337x wins the title of the most popular functioning torrent website of modern times. It boasts a rich collection of movies of varied genres in different languages. You can have a great time watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies on this website which delivers fantastic download speed. This website also has torrent files for PC games, Tv shows, books, and more.

9. AVI Mobile Movies

AVI Mobile Movies

Access your favorite movies from your mobile phone at AVI Mobile Movies, which houses a rich collection of Bollywood, Hollywood, animated films, fights, matches, and TV shows. Coupled with fast download speed, you can watch your favorite movies in very little time. Besides movies, you can also have a gala time enjoying the various movie clippings, music videos, ads, and more without spending a single penny. 

10. YouTube

Youtube is one of the most reliable and popular sites for free hd movies download. You can access visual content from around the globe with YouTube. Finding full-length movies can be difficult, but you get multiple options. Being the world's largest video-sharing site, YouTube has a rich collection of free HD movies. However, it would be best to have a premium subscription for downloading the film. There is a four-month free trial period for users to try out and download the movies for viewing online. You can select among various video qualities before watching a movie online.

Suppose you want to avoid getting a YouTube premium subscription. In that case, you can opt for downloader software like StreamFab YouTube Downloader to directly download your favorite titles from its rich library. Read on to learn more about this software, its features, and how to download your favorite titles.

Best Software For Free HD Movies Direct Download - StreamFab

Best Software For Free HD Movies Direct Download - StreamFab

If you want a tool to help download videos and music from Facebook, YouTube, and 1000+ sites, you can proceed with the YouTube downloader. You can enjoy free offline playback by downloading videos from different websites conveniently. Let's first look at this tool's features before proceeding with the steps to download YouTube flicks using it.


  • Its inbuilt browser can detect all movie streams and download them in varying video qualities ranging from 360p to 2160p depending on the source video quality.
  • Saves all the videos in the original format, be it MKV, MP4, or MP3. 
  • Audio files are all downloaded in MP3 format to save you from the hassle of compatibility issues. 
  • Users can choose between video codec options, including VP9, H264, and AV1.
  • StreamFab YouTube Downloader allows saving VR 360° and HDR videos to deliver the best viewing experience.
  • It operates with a mammoth speed to download your favorite music and videos at ten times faster speed.
  • If you wish to download hd movies free from different websites, then StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro can come to your rescue. It supports performing five download tasks simultaneously to save your precious time.

Steps to download YouTube videos with StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro

Step 1: Install & launch StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro

Step 2: Choose the streaming site

On launching the tool, select the YouTube icon from the Explorer section.

Step 3: Select the movie you want to download

You can choose the movie you wish to download using the built-in browser of StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro. In addition, users can copy and paste the movie link on the homepage to be redirected to the website.

copy and paste the link to download the titles using streamfab

Step 3: Make customizations as needed

Playing the title gives you a pop-up window offering different video and audio output options.

Choose the streaming site from streamfab

Step 4: Start the download

After making all the necessary customizations, you can start the download process by clicking the Download button.

 Start the download youtube video process


Do you need a VPN to download movies for free?

VPN is necessary for hiding your online activity if you are accessing an illegal website. But if you are confident that the website you are browsing is legal, you won't have to hide your online activity using a VPN.

How to check the legality of the movie download website?

There is no specific verification process to gauge the legality of the website. But all the websites mentioned in our list are fully validated. Unfortunately, websites flashing multiple advertisements to earn money aren't always legal. 

What is a movie's public domain?

Once a movie gets into the public domain, it isn't associated with one house. Instead, it signifies that the handlers and creators have given up the film's copyright. Anyone can download, share and upload the movie without legal complexities. 


If you want to avoid paying for movies, chances are high that you might get redirected to illegal platforms while searching for free hd movies direct download. Unfortunately, these websites are highly vulnerable to malware and virus attacks. That is why it's always safe to opt for a tool like StreamFab YouTube Downloader to download your favorite titles and watch them offline.