Anime has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, and millions of people worldwide enjoy watching anime online for free. While KissAnime was a go-to platform for many anime lovers, it’s no longer available. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the top 10 KissAnime alternatives to watch anime online for free!

What is KissAnime and Is KissAnime Shut Down?

KissAnime was one of the largest and most popular file streaming websites globally, specializing in anime. It offered users free access to a vast collection of anime TV shows and movies, either through direct streaming or downloads.

However, due to escalating issues related to piracy accusations and disruptive ad pop-ups, as well as stricter Japanese copyright laws, KissAnime was officially shut down in 2020. This closure left many anime enthusiasts seeking alternatives for their favorite content. Despite its termination, numerous other websites serve as viable replacements for KissAnime's services.


Top 10 Best KissAnime Alternatives to Stream Anime

In this part, we will introduced you the top 10 outstanding alterative sites like KissAnime that provide premium anime content. No need for the hassle of searching online; this guide will ensure your anime viewing never misses a beat.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a leading anime streaming site like KissAnime known for its extensive catalogue of content. It features approximately 15,000 hours of licensed material including anime and manga, ensuring the majority of streamed content is legal. The site supports multiple languages and offers high-definition quality video for an optimal viewing experience across various devices like Wii U, Apple Devices, Roku box, Windows and Android phones.

Despite offering limited free content with ads interruption; subscribing to their premium service ensures ad-free access to their complete library along with benefits like early access to new episodes soon after their release in Japan. This subscription-based model helps support the creation and distribution of legal content. Aspiring users can trial this service during a 14-day free period before opting for a paid subscription.

KissAnime Alternatives: Crunchyroll

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2. Funimation

Funimation, a leading Crunchyroll and KissAnime replacement in the United States, is a subscription-based, over-the-top video streaming service specializing in anime and other foreign entertainment. Established in 2016 as one of the sites like KissAnime, it has now become one of North America’s top distributors of popular anime series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan and many more.

Initially known for its significant role in anime dub production and viewed by many as an ideal alternative to KissAnime because of its high-quality dubbed content, Funimation had an agreement with Crunchyroll to focus primarily on dubs while Crunchyroll handled subs. Although this pact no longer exists formally after Sony's acquisition of both platforms - two major sites like KissAnime - it suggests potential future coordination between them.

KissAnime Alternatives: Funimation

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3. 9anime

9Anime is a prominent online platform for streaming high-quality anime, offering an extensive catalog of both series and movies. This free-to-use portal stands out as one of the best alternatives to KissAnime due to its user-friendly interface and vast content library. Its homepage features various sections such as "Newest", "Last Update", and "Ongoing" for easy navigation.

This KissAnime replacement provides content in English through dubbed versions or with subtitles, catering to a wide range of viewers. Notably, 9Anime also allows users to request specific shows or films not found in the existing database. The website's unique features include excellent sound quality across videos, quick filters for searching old anime based on release date and genre, a trending tab showcasing popular videos, and a schedule display for upcoming episode releases.

KissAnime Alternatives: 9anime

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4. Anime-Planet

Anime Planet, established in 2001, is a notable alternative to KissAnime. It provides free access to over 45,000 legal anime episodes and also features a number of classic animes not easily found elsewhere. The platform has an exceptional user-friendly interface with categorizations like 'popular anime this week' and 'newest recommendation', streamlining the search process for users.

Despite occasional ad interruptions, the vast collection makes it worth exploring. Users can create accounts to curate watch lists and participate in character ratings or discussion boards. Moreover, Anime Planet uniquely offers access to over 49,000 anime movies from premium sites like KissAnime, Hulu and Crunchyroll at no cost. Despite its large library, the site's design ensures easy navigation for users.

KissAnime Alternatives: Anime-Planet

5. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is a globally accessible platform that serves as an excellent alternative to KissAnime, especially when the latter isn't available. It offers a vast array of anime content, including both subbed and dubbed versions, catering specifically to non-Japanese speakers. Notably, Chia-Anime provides high-definition quality streaming for all its shows without charging any fee.

In addition to online viewing, it also allows users to download their favorite anime for offline enjoyment. Despite its many advantages, one potential drawback is the occasional disruption from ads during viewing. The site's user-friendly interface with aesthetically pleasing black and blue tones further enhances the overall user experience.

KissAnime Alternatives: Chia-Anime

6. GOGO Anime

GoGo Anime is a highly recommended platform for anime enthusiasts, renowned as an alternative to KissAnime. The website offers a vast library of anime content, ranging from new releases to rare and popular classics. Its user-friendly interface allows easy navigation through categories organized alphabetically right on the homepage.

Notably, GoGo Anime provides multiple streaming resolutions and even facilitates offline viewing by allowing downloads. Despite operating mainly through revenue generated from side banner ads, it maintains minimal pop-up advertisements ensuring an enjoyable user experience. In addition to subtitled versions, it also houses English-dubbed anime catering to diverse viewer preferences. This KissAnime replacement is offered free of charge.

KissAnime Alternatives: GOGO Anime

7. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is an excellent alternative to KissAnime for anime enthusiasts, boasting an extensive and continually updated collection of anime and manga content across diverse genres such as Horror, Romance, Adventure, and Action. This platform has become popular due to its user-friendly navigation system which allows categorization by latest releases, genre or alphabetical order.

AnimeFreak offers access to both old classics and new releases as well as popular and lesser-known series. The website does not require registration for access, making it a convenient choice for viewers. It also provides comprehensive reviews and ratings along with complete episode lists for each show. The loading speed of the site is commendable while offline viewing can be facilitated through the use of third-party tools.

KissAnime Alternatives: AnimeFreak

8. AnimeLand

AnimeLand is a renowned platform that specializes in providing an extensive collection of dubbed anime content. This KissAnime replacement stands out for its user-friendly interface, featuring sections such as "Dubbed AnimeList" and "Favorite Anime," making it easy to navigate and discover the latest shows and popular series.

In addition to viewing online, users can also download content for offline enjoyment without any registration process. Furthermore, AnimeLand guarantees high-definition streaming with quick load times while maintaining a secure environment. Despite the presence of ads on the site, it remains accessible across all devices at no cost. This makes AnimeLand an ideal destination for anime enthusiasts seeking alternatives to KissAnime

KissAnime Alternatives: AnimeLand

9. AniWatcher

AniWatcher is a user-friendly anime streaming website that stands as an excellent alternative to KissAnime. The site offers a vast collection of popular and rare titles, including ongoing series and the latest episodes, which are regularly updated. For viewer convenience, it provides both dubbed and subbed versions of content.

One of AniWatcher's distinguishing features is its no-registration policy. Furthermore, the platform enhances user experience by remembering viewing progress for return visits and sending notifications about new releases. It also prioritizes user safety with options like "Safe Search" for secure browsing and high-quality resolution settings. Notably, AniWatcher presents all these features in a clean interface free from interrupting ads.

KissAnime Alternatives: AniWatcher

10. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is a prominent anime streaming site like KissAnime, boasting one of the largest online libraries of Anime across various genres. It provides an exceptional user-friendly feature that displays a comprehensive overview of each Anime when you hover over an episode's thumbnail, including the show's name, episode count, viewer rating, and language options.

The platform is accessible on multiple devices such as Android, iOS, and Apple TV. Notably distinguishing itself from other platforms by its categorization system which includes sub-categories for easier content searchability. Furthermore, AnimeLab offers immediate viewing without needing registration. Serving as an excellent alternative to KissAnime especially for those seeking the latest anime movies and shows.

KissAnime Alternatives: AnimeLab

Tips: How to Download Anime Video from KissAnime and Its Alternative Sites

Are you an anime fan looking for ways to download your favorite shows from KissAnime or its alternatives? By downloading the video, you can store it on your device and watch it at your convenience, regardless of whether you have an internet connection or not. Now, let's check how to download your anime shows from the above-mentioned sites effortlessly with the best video downloader: StreamFab!

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Use StreamFab to Download Anime Videos from KissAnime and Its Alternatives

Step 1

Download the video downloader

Install the software on your device and open the interface.

Step 2

Choose the streaming service

Tap the VIP Services or the YouTube icon on the left channel to find the streaming website you want. You can also copy and paste your video URL directly into the address bar on the Homepage.

launch crunchyroll downloader

Step 3

Customize the file

Search for the video and play it, then a pop-up window will ask for your video options. You can choose the audio and subtitle language.

play crunchyroll videos

Step 4

Click the download button

After customization, you can download it right now or add it to the queue.

download crunchyroll videos


In conclusion, there are numerous KissAnime alternatives available online that offer an extensive collection of anime shows and movies for free. From 9anime to AnimeLab, these platforms provide users with a fantastic viewing experience that mirrors the quality and variety available on KissAnime.