Watching your favorite sports live for free is like having a feast when you are hungry. So, to make your wishes come true, you must take the free live sports streaming service of Vipbox.Ic. Before diving into the ocean of the sports world through sites like Vipbox, you must have a brief idea about this free sports streaming platform.

What is Vipbox Ic?

With 6.7 million visits, Vipbox Ic has achieved an 8,008 global ranking. So, being one of the leading free sports live streaming websites, Vipbox. Ic has offered the ultimate range of broadcasting all live sports events for free to its subscribers. From the most popular Football, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, and Cricket to adventurous water sports, and various types of winter sports, you can explore the entire games library on this website to select your favorite sports genres. In this well-organized Vipbox, you can get detailed information on currently broadcasting live matches, different upcoming leagues' schedules etc.

Is it legal to use Vipbox IC?

Since Vipbox Ic broadcasts lives sports events without authorized streaming rights, it violates content copyright laws. So, accessing this site is restricted in various countries, including the UK and USA. So, it is illegal to access Vipbox Ic to quench your sports thirst. Hence, to bypass the legal obstructions, this website often changes its domain; therefore, whenever you try to access the official Vipbox website, you are redirected to another domain with a different orientation.

Is Vipbox Ic safe to use?

Vipbox Ic:Is Vipbox Ic safe to use?

Since it is not legal to use Vipbox Ic, accessing this website on your devices is also unsafe. For example, your device can be infected by malware or viruses through various pop-up ads on this website. Therefore, your data or other information can be compromised. On the other hand, accessing sites like Vipbox can make you fall into the trouble of violating the copyright law, and you may have to face the consequences.

So, avoid these legal and safety hassles of accessing Vipbox.Ic with this article, you will have the best 10 alternatives of Vipbox to enjoy the world of your favorite sport on an online platform.

Top 10 Best Alternatives of Vipbox

If you want to experience the best broadcasting service for your favorite sports, here you go with the top 10 sports streaming websites, such as Vipbox.Ic alternatives.


To look for alternatives to Vipbox Ic, you must select the to explore your favorite sport streaming online. This platform evolves with exclusive features to meet the requirements of worldwide increasing subscribers.

Exclusive Options

  • Real-time live sports event streaming.
  • Fewer ads & visuals for uninterrupted watching.
  • Well-organized schedule of popular sports like Soccer, Basketball, Tennis etc.

2. SportLemon

To enjoy live sports streaming for free, SportLemon is another best alternative to Vipbox Ic without any registration hassle. From popular sports to trendy games, you will get a detailed scheduled list of various live sports events in an organized table.

Exclusive Options

  • Along with sports, you can stream movies & songs.
  • You can live streams from over 130 channels.
  • With the user-friendly interface, you have to click on the scheduled link of your selected match to enjoy live streaming.

3. Super Sport

To ensure the significance of the simple name of this website, Super Sport has made its website simple, user-friendly, and useful. It covers the maximum number of sports events in its category.

Exclusive options

  • Along with live streaming, you can see the entire league details of your selected sports.
  • The site became more entertaining for its WWE & UFC events.
  • Get to see the different match details worldwide on the home page only.

4. MamaHD

MamaHD is one of the best alternatives to Vipbox Ic to enjoy your favorite live sport streaming in HD resolution. You can have an entire list of presently broadcasting matches of your favorite sports.

Exclusive Options

  • Enjoy free live streaming with a scheduled list & video highlights.
  • This website is accessible on PC & mobile.
  • The video links are separable.

5. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is one of the most similar alternatives to Vipbox. IC. Accessing this site will get everything from free live sports streaming to organized schedules.

Exclusive Options

  • Enjoy a high-quality video feed with time zone-adjusting features.
  • Select live sports streams from country-based scheduled information.
  • The homepage has a "Reload" option to locate new feeds & "Refresh" option to locate your desired streams.

6. FuboTV

Being honored by Forbes as "a force in sports streaming", FuboTV has made its mark in live sports streaming service. While enjoying the free version of this platform, you can also try the paid version of this site to get premium content.

Exclusive Options

  • Enjoy sports with entertainment.
  • It supports over 200 channels.
  • You can access this website on all standard devices.

7. Streamhunter

While looking for the safest alternatives to Vipbox Ic, Streamhunter is the one to try with. This platform will inform you through the mail in advance if there is any violation of DMCA rule in any of their provided linked content.

Exclusive options

  • Free live sports streams can be enjoyed on PC.
  • Supports high-quality streaming.
  • It provides links to the most-watched sports events in the USA.

8. MyP2P

MyP2P is a very simple & well-designed website to alter Vipbox.Ic in accessing live sports streaming for free. Without much hassle, you can explore the entire sports streaming library via the simple interface of this platform.

Exclusive Options

  • It supports all devices.
  • Enjoy the best quality streams of your favorite sports.
  • It provides only links to sports events on the site.

9. Fox Sports Go

To avail of Vipbox.Ic alternatives with multiple options, Fox Sports Go, is one of the best options. While accessing live streaming, you can enjoy multiple live channels of these sites.

Exclusive Options

  • Enjoy sports streaming on PC/Mobile/Smart TV.
  • Explore different categories with Live TV, Replays & Highlights.
  • Use filtration option through featured sports, live sports & coming ups.

10. ScorsInLive

If watching the score of your favorite match is your priority, ScorsInLive is the most authentic Vipbox.Ic alternatives to try with.

Exclusive Options

  • Enjoy live scores with live sports streaming.
  • Get a quick look at the score of all the matches in one go through the homepage.
  • Simple interface to access live streaming.

So, while having all these exclusive alternatives of Vipbox Ic, you can pick the best one depending on your requirement. However, since all these alternatives are similar to Vipbox, they are not free from risks involving safety & legal issues. So, to avoid any risk factor while enjoying your favorite sports streaming, offline watching with StreamFab All-in-One downloader is the best option.

How to download Sports videos with StreamFab M3U8 downloader

Whether any live sports streaming or scheduled match, you can download anything through the customizable downloading option of StreamFab M3U8 video downloader. After downloading them on your Windows or Mac PC, you can share your downloads to any device for a later flexible offline watch.

Vipbox Ic:How to download Vipbox Ic live streaming with StreamFab All-in-One downloader


  • Download live streaming without any ads with Streamfab Downloader.
  • Choose your video resolution from 720p/1080p.
  • Enjoy audio quality in EAC3 5.1/AC3 5.1/AAC2.0.
  • Capture live streams through the built-in browser of the software.
  • Enjoy batch downloading of multiple streaming in one go.
  • Get downloads in Mp4/MKV format for all devices watching.
  • Get auto downloads of scheduled matches.

Downloading Steps

Step 1: Get the software

After installing the software on your PC, head to the "Home page”. But make sure you copy the sports link from Vipbox Ic you want to download

Step 2: Paste the link

Paste the link in the Search bar option on the Home page

Step 3 Customize output video

Once the paste the copy, the customization option will open. Set the resolution and audio quality. You can set subtitle language in this step

download world cup with streamfab m3u8 downloader

Step 4: End the Download process

Finally, after customization, opt for the "Download" option to get to the end of the downloading process.


What are the top traffic-generated countries for Vipbox.Ic?

  • USA: 25.90%
  • UK: 21.63%
  • New Zealand: 6.89%
  • Australia: 5.83%
  • Canada: 4.40%

What are the gender & age groups of Vipbox.Ic visitors?

70.76% of visitors are male, 29.24% are female, and the average age group is 25 to 35 years old on the computer.

What is the most searched content on Vipbox Ic?

Sports, Other Sports, and News are the most commonly searched words on sites like Vipbox.

Last Word

If streaming live sports is the ultimate entertainment in your pass-time, you must capture the entire live streaming of Vipbox.Ic with StreamFab downloader. Enjoy your favorite strikes & strokes of your favorite sports as long as you want anywhere on any device in your safest offline world.