What is MyFans

Myfans provides a variety of content. As it operates as a platform formally approved for adult content, it essentially caters to creators focused on adult content. Despite its recent launch in 2019, its popularity is steadily growing.

Creators can earn rewards from their fans by providing special content, akin to subscriptions. The basic mechanism is users subscribing to fan clubs established by creators for distributing limited public content on a monthly basis. It can be said to have a different allure from adult videos, for example, enabling communication with creators via DM and watching exclusive videos for fans. myfans is gradually gaining recognition, as it has been featured on the popular ABEMA program "Pay Slip."

what is myfans

MyFans vs OnlyFans: What is the Difference

If there is one notable difference, it is that MyFans is more tailored towards the Japanese audience. In contrast to OnlyFans, there is no need to present a passport, as registration can be done using a driver's license or insurance card. Furthermore, MyFans also offers payment methods beyond credit cards, allowing even those without a desire to register or without a credit card to use it with peace of mind.

The similarity lies in the fact that both platforms can accommodate adult content as well as general content. While Western art is censored on Facebook and Twitter, with MyFans and OnlyFans, there is no concern about being blocked. Hence, OnlyFans is actively utilized in the art world, with the Australian Art Museum creating accounts and sharing their artwork.

  MyFans OnlyFans
Creator Fee 17.5% 20%
Payment method Credit cards & prepaid cards & transaction at stores Credit cards
What you need to register Driver's license, insurance card Passport
Mainly for Global users Japanese

Price and Payment Methods of MyFans

Creators on myfans are divided into content creators and content consumers, with creators being able to access the platform for free. Consumers, or fans, pay a monthly fee to access the content. The subscription market price ranges from 500 to 3000 Japanese Yen, with a commission of 17.5% paid by creators to the platform, the lowest in the industry. (By the way, the fee cap is 20,000 Japanese Yen).

Typical creator support platforms charge 20-30% fees, making myfans a very creator-friendly service. After deducting a processing fee of 250 Japanese Yen, earnings are transferred within 1 business day.

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The payment methods accepted by MyFans include credit cards (JCB, VISA, Mastercard, Diners, Amex) and prepaid cards. Please note that once the creator has set a price, it cannot be changed midway.

MyFans Account: How to Register & How to Cancel

1. For Subscribers

How to Register MyFans?

Open myfans and click on "Account".
Click on "If you do not have an account".
Enter your email address, password, and name, then click on "Register".

what is myfans: how to register

How to Subscribe to MyFans Creator?

Seeking the creator and contemplating the project.
Please check the notes and click "Join".
Enter your name and phone number, then click "Send".

what is myfans: How to Subscribe to MyFans Creator?

2. For Creators

How to be a Creator?

Create a fan account for myself.
Verify your identity from "account" to "settings".
Enter your date of birth and bank account information.
Create a personal profile. Settings > Publish/Manage > Create a new plan from the current running plan.

what is myfans: How to be a MyFans Creator?

3. How to Cancel MyFans Membership?

To revoke myfans membership, there are two steps: unsubscribing and withdrawing from myfans services.

How to unsubscribe?

Select your account
Choose the subscription plan you have
Select your plan and click on "Cancel Plan"
Enter the reason for cancellation and then cancel

How to exit MyFans?

Log into my fans
Open your account deletion page
Enter the reason for leaving and exit from the membership.

Additional Tips: Download MyFans Videos

In order to utilize MyFans, one must be connected to the internet and is unable to retain the videos or photos uploaded by creators. How can one save their favorite videos? I will now elucidate the method of saving MyFans videos for all of you.

The recommended way to download myfans is to use StreamFab myfans Downloader.

what is myfans: how to download

Download adult videos in native lossless 1080P from myfans and save in MP4/MKV format on your pc device permanently for flexbible offline watching. 

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There is a 30-day free trial version. The free trial version allows you to try out all the same features as the paid version.

Operation Steps

Here are the steps to download MyFans videos using the StreamFab myfans Downloader:

Download the software and launch it.

what is myfans: how to download 

Input the URL of the MyFans video you wish to download on the main screen.
The video will open in the software's built-in browser, so please log in with your account. 
The URL will be automatically analyzed when you play the video.

what is myfans: how to download 

Click "Download Now" if you wish to download immediately; click "Add to Queue" if you want to download along with other videos....

what is myfans: how to download 

After the download is complete, you can access the file directly by clicking on the folder icon in "Downloads". It has been saved correctly as an MP4!


For those who wish to gain deeper insight into myfans, we have compiled a series of comprehensive inquiries. Please consider them as a reference.

1. How long is the free trial period for myfans?

The presence of a free trial period depends on the creator. Some creators may offer a free trial period for their content.

However, even if you choose to use the free plan, you will still need to register your credit card information. Please note that some plans offer the first month free, but will automatically charge from the second month onwards.

2. Is myfans secure?

Myfans utilizes the payment systems of publicly traded companies and has partnerships with multiple companies, ensuring its security and stability.

The payment services are also securely protected by advanced security technologies, so you need not worry about the disclosure of your personal information. Feel free to engage in messaging and communication on the platform with confidence.


Myfans is a platform supported by creators, offering rich adult content. In the future, it may evolve into a new kind of SNS, so please refer to this article when registering to avoid falling behind the times. Some may worry about security issues, but rest assured, there will be no unauthorized charges, and you can easily cancel your membership.

In this article, we have outlined how to download and record myfans videos on your computer or smartphone, but please make sure to only use downloaded videos for personal enjoyment.