With movie watching at home gaining increasing prominence by the day, platforms like MyFlixer, are also getting popular among viewers. Its website boasts multiple films in its content library, and you can avail of them for free.

As a viewer, you might wonder if using the MyFlixer app is legal. This article will discuss the app and whether it is safe to use and some of its best alternatives. 

What is MyFlixer?

MyFlixer.to is a free movie streaming site devoid of advertisements, which is very popular among movie lovers. With over 10,000 movies to its credit, the platform has risen in popularity in the last few years, especially since the pandemic afflicted most of the globe. 

Apart from this, users can also download movies and save them to enjoy later in high-definition quality. It features a search bar that viewers can use to look for their favorite movies. For example, it boasts a massive user base and records significant monthly traffic, making it a high-ranking website in Alexa worldwide.

How can I use the MyFlixer online platform?

In order to help you know more details about MyFlixer, here we present an operations steps GIF attached with brief instructions:

Step 1: First of all, you must visit your browser and then type in the domain name, which is 'myflixer.com.'

operation steps of MyFlixer online platform

Step 2: Once you can access the platform, you must search for the movie or TV show you wish to watch by typing the title in the search bar.

operation steps of MyFlixer online platform

Step 3: Click the right search result, and slide down to find the episode you want to watch. Although there will be some annoying ads and pop-up windows, no worries, just close them and return the MyFlixer page, and then the video will be played.

operation steps of MyFlixer online platform

MyFlixer Safety and Legal Concerns

It is pretty natural for viewers to come up with the question of why other popular streaming platforms like Netflix are charging exorbitant amounts for the content while MyFlixer is giving access to so many movies and TV series free of charge. It immediately raises the question of how harmless, user-friendly, or legal it is. 

MyFlixer Safety and Legal Concerns

There are many unavoidable ads on MyFlixer. Suppose you are a Mac user and try to open this online platform, a suspicious-looking message appears: "Please accept push notifications so we can update you after the streaming issue is fixed."

If you select the option "Allow" on that dialogue, you will receive advertising on the home screen and in the default browser. It will, in turn, affect your overall user experience of a Mac device.

Although you can easily access its vast library of over ten thousand films, which is illegal in most nations. The website broadcasts pirated movies unlawfully, and there may be untoward consequences for using such a platform. 

How to remove virus from MyFlixer

If your computer is damaged by the MyFlixer virus, it might be not late if you find this article now. The steps to remove the MyFlixer virus are simple, albeit time-consuming. Here we cited a comprehensive guide to remove potentially unwanted browser add-ons, have a look:

What are some MyFlixer alternatives

Luckily, there are many alternatives to MyFlixer to stream movies and TV shows online. Some popular options are presented below. It's a good idea to compare the different options and see which one best meets your needs and interests.

What are some MyFlixer alternatives


Cmovies is a pirated platform for free online entertainment streaming. Cmovies has been online for quite some time, with 33.36 million yearly visitors and revenue of $500040. However, because of its HD streaming features, it has gained popularity among pirate sites. All of its material is available in high definition, providing consumers with a cinematic viewing experience.


Hdtoday TV is a renowned service that allows you to view and download hdtoday HD versions of your favorite movies, shows, series, and TV shows. Because of its adaptability, this American platform is in great demand. Thousands of active people use this site on a regular basis, dispelling any concerns about its security. As a stand-alone internet streaming service, there is no need to join up or register. 


What are some MyFlixer alternatives: hurawatch

HuraWatch is one of the oldest websites that allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, or series online or offline for free. There is no subscription or hidden charges to watch content on this platform. Even though it was developed in 2010, HuraWatch still gives tough competition to its competitors while offering different domain access to its users. 


Yomovies is a popular streaming torrent website with a massive collection of movies, TV shows, and web series. It freely provides all the latest and newly released Hollywood and Asian copyrighted movies. Instead, you can also find the leaked versions of the upcoming or latest Asian movies on this site.

Bonus! Download Videos from Sites Like MyFlixer Safely

Download Videos from Sites Like MyFlixer Safely

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Step 2: Copy and paste the video link

Copy your video title link from the site and paste it to the Search bar (at the homepage) of the StreamFab downloader.

Download Videos from Sites Like MyFlixer Safely

Step 3: Customization while playing the video

Start the playback of your selected video & customize it with format, subtitles, audio & video quality selection.

Download Videos from Sites Like MyFlixer Safely


What are the modified domains of MyFlixer?

Since MyFlixer fundamentally deals with publishing copyright content, the official website has been blocked by legal bodies. Thus, the website continually alters its domain to become accessible to users. So here are some modified links you can use to access the platform.

  • myflixer.to    
  • ww3.myflixer.pro
  • myflixer.run
  • www5.myflixer.ru
  • Myflixer.life

What are the risks associated with using MyFlixer?

While it is a free platform, there are several risks associated with it, and it is not entirely trustable. Most movie and television shows featured here are from major studios and are predominantly illegal to stream. Besides this, the site is filled with various scams and malware and often asks users to enable push notifications. These can, in turn, lead to unwanted advertisements and questionable products.

What are the safest websites to watch free movies?

Most free movie websites are illegal and come up with ads for websites that can infect your computer with malware. It is thus advisable to opt for safe sites such as Vudu, Tubi, Peacock TV, Crackle, Kanopy, and Popcornflix, among others, if you wish to watch free movies. 


MyFlixer is an e-platform that has gained much popularity over the years amongst movie lovers for its attractive offerings. Despite offering a lot of pirated and copyrighted content, it gets a record number of visitors every month worldwide.

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies and want to enjoy them without spending a penny or even making an account, this platform is your best bet.